selling during divorce

Selling your home while in the midst of divorce can be a major challenge. I understand that divorcing home sellers have different needs than other home sellers and require a Realtor with a special skill set.

A Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist

I am only one of nine Realtors in the state of Illinois to be certified as a Real Estate Divorce Specialist. This additional level of training has made me uniquely qualified to assist sellers as they navigate the home sale process within the complicated context of a divorce.

It is my goal to be part of the sellers' team, to ensure that I communicate with financial professionals, and divorce attorneys or mediators to ensure that the best decisions are being made for my divorcing clients.

I strive to acheive a the delicate balance of neutrality necessary between the home sellers during what can be a difficult time, all while displaying the high levels of confidentiality and empathy I am known for. I strive to be open with open and constant communications, maintaining a thorough paper trail and a sound home-selling strategy from the start. 

It is also my pleasure to help newly divorced women secure a new home and understand the financial and other responsibilities that go along with being a single home owner or renter. Finding the right space that is managable both financially and day-to-day is a crucial step for when entering the post-decree phase.

It's my mission to help divorcing home sellers navigate these choppy waters and get the best outcome possible, all while displaying the empathy, compassion and confidentiality I am known for. 

I strive to acheive the delicate balance of neutrality needed between the two parties involved in the home sale. Constant open and equal communication between the home sellers and any other parties involved - attorneys/mediators, for example - is essential, along with a thorough paper trail and a concrete home selling strategy from the start to make the process as smooth and transparent as possible. 

Click here to take a look at my blog post about the "Do's and Don'ts of Selling During Divorce" on the blog Divorced Girl Smiling. 

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Divorced Girl Smiling - a blog by Jackie Pilossoph - recently featured one of my articles: Do’s and Don’ts of Selling During Divorce. There are few situations in life more complex or emotional than getting a divorce - throw in selling your home during that time, and you’re adding a thick layer of stress to the situation. As a certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist, I recommend keeping these “dos and don’ts” in mind – they can help make the process go more smoothly!

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